Odor Removal

Get the stink out.

The most common, and definitely the most challenging problems car detailers face are car odors. Not withstanding the difficulty involved in removing bio-hazardous accidents like urine, vomit, spilled milk, and chemical or fuel spills, all odors are the result of spreading bacteria. While many people naturally respond to more serious accidents by rushing to clean it themselves, everyday household cleaning products, water, and the inevitable kitchen sponge or throw-away towel are grossly inadequate for a job like this. Water in fact, causes the bacteria to spread.

The smell of dirty socks and clothes, pets, body sweat, or bad food can be partially removed by eliminating the offending articles, but most of these culprits, including body sweat, pets, and cigarette smoke, leave behind traces in the fibers of the carpet and upholstery. Once closed up all day or night in a hot garage or sunny parking lot, your vehicle becomes an incubator for the bacteria.

Odor removal requires professional-grade equipment that breaks down the bacteria and removes the residuals from the spill or accident that is causing the odor. It requires powerful suction to remove the stain, the cleaning element and water, and as much of the moisture - which will cause mold and mildew - as possible. An average over the counter shop-vacuum will not do it!

Sticklers 4 Details uses a couple of highly effective ozone methods. Ozone is a gas that neutralizes odors by destroying molecules left floating in the air after the source of the odor has been removed. Sufficient on lingering odors, it is not strong enough to penetrate putrid odors like those caused by a single teaspoon of rotting meat, for example.

In severe cases like this, Sticklers uses a mixture of steam cleaning, shampooing, and ozone to do the trick!

Let Sticklers 4 Details assess the severity of your car odors and help determine the best method for removing the stink.

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