Headlight Repair

Dull headlights are a safety issue.

Several years ago, car makers replaced glass as their favorite material for making headlights, replacing it with a polycarbonate plastic that is much easier to mold into a variety of shapes and designs. Unfortunately, the plastic created another problem for the car owner that the detailing industry had to solve.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays and the heat of the light bulbs dry out the lightweight plastic headlight material, causing them to oxidize and form tiny micro-cracks that produce a yellowish haze. This haze clouds and dulls the headlight beam, which is obviously a hazard when driving at night and in foggy or inclement weather.

Sticklers 4 Details comes to the rescue with a headlight repair that takes less than an hour and improves visibility by 140 percent, without the cost of replacement.

Using a professional-grade headlight lens restoration system, we remove fine scratches and use a special polishing process that increases your headlight’s brightness by three to four times their damaged state.

Sticklers will inspect your headlights when cleaning your vehicle, but if you have noticed problems with dull headlights, give us a call and we will shed a little clarity on the subject.

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