Glassparency Glass Coating

Three years of glass protection with the amazing new Glassparency.

Not only is Sticklers 4 Details impressed with the new Glassparency window coating, but customers will be too.

Sticklers 4 Details always field-tests innovative products before offering them to our customers, but Glassparency blew us away - especially during the winter months.

This incredible formula recently released to the professional detailer's market, forms a super-smooth glass surface that also enhances vision in inclement weather, and drastically reduces night glare.

The formula has water micro-beading characteristics that produces the most super-smooth glass surface imaginable!

It cuts down on how hard your wipers have to work, saving the wear and tear on your wiper blades. Your drive is safer and more comfortable.

Better yet, Glassparency requires only minimal maintenance over the 3-year warranty period.

It cannot be purchased over-the-counter, and requires a certified Glassparency installer like Sticklers 4 Details to apply, but customers receive emails directly from Glassparency, letting you know when maintenance is recommended.

Like all glass coatings, Sticklers must remove all water spots and streaks before application, therefore glass preparation is required prior to application. Ask one of our technicians about Glassparency.

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