Exterior Detail with Clay Bar

An exterior car detail starts with a hand wash and dry to help monitor the health of your paint.

Every car that comes through our shop gets a hand wash and dry using a rich ph-balanced shampoo foam bath. We dry it using soft, clean, microfiber towels and compressed air. This allows us to inspect and monitor the health and condition of your car paint, and it prevents the formation of streaks and water spots.

The attack from the Colorado environment and the elements on the exterior of your vehicle is brutal and unrelenting. From the moment you drive it off the showroom floor, it is bombarded by paint-munching contaminants that attach themselves to the clear coat, and feast on it all the way down to the paint.

In industrial areas you are facing acid rain, exhaust, and road rash. Out on the open road you are confronting windborne pollutants, bird droppings, and acidic bug residue. Rain, snow, ice, and deicing road agents wreak even more havoc! Inside a single drop of rainwater you will find dust, bacteria, mold, pollen, dirt, plant parts, insect parts, algae, and smoke particles. If you consistently park near a garden or shrub-line, add chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides to the goop.

Some of these contaminants are unsightly enough, but few car owners realize how dangerous they are to the health of your paint. No one likes to see the pasty uric acid crystals of bird poop spattered on your vehicle, but truthfully, the caustic ammonium hydroxide, when exposed to alkali metal, immediately begins to eat away at the paint. This chemical process speeds up with exposure to high temperatures, and quickens when exposed to moisture, dew, rain, or humidity. The damage is slower acting in temperatures under 40°F, but if your vehicle sits out in the hot summer sun, the damage is exacerbated.

The result is what detailers call "etches", rough spots where the clear coat has been dissolved, leaving the paint and metal exposed. These etches cannot be washed off, but must be removed with paint correction.

Clay bar cleans your paint.

Many environmental contaminants cannot be washed off because they have a gripping, even penetrating grasp on your clear coat. This requires a special detailers clay, known as Clay Bar to remove them. A Clay Bar treatment every 6 months will keep your vehicle's paint slick and smooth, which makes washing your car faster and easier, while keeping the paint healthy and in excellent condition.

Sticklers 4 Details then follows up any exterior treatment with a rich wax or wax sealant.

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