Classic Revitalization

Cars of song and legend...

Songs have been written about that first car - perhaps a favorite old car. Maybe it brings back memories of your first kiss, trips to your favorite fishing hole, or it reliably brought you across country to a career-changing first job and a new life. It could be you have managed to hang on to it, but with over 200,000 miles on her odometer, it isn't a great idea to drive her very far.

True car enthusiasts often have a difficult time parting with it; others have the opportunity to buy one just like it, and seek to fix it up to show in local car shows, give to a second family driver, or drive it themselves to the golf course every Saturday.

Whatever your motivation for keeping or buying an old classic car, Sticklers 4 Details is the first place you should bring it to revive it back to tip-top, even blue ribbon-winning status.

As Northern Colorado's finest Paint Correction Specialists, we are experts in fine car care. Reviving the paint on an old classic is not just an art, but a thrill for car lovers and enthusiasts like us!

It begins with our love and appreciation for these beautiful machines, whether they are a new classic at 15 years old, or a vintage classic over 90 years old. Stickers understands all types of automotive paint and metals, and knows what products, equipment, and techniques to use on any given model, year and make.  Restoring the paint, cleaning the interiors, and shining the bright work metal wheels, grilles, and trim are challenging, but the result is an awe-inspiring sight.

Using single stage paint cleaning techniques and clay bar on older vehicles; multi-stage paint correction on vehicles dating from the 1980s; together with precision polishing, Sticklers is able to revive an aged vehicle so it is not just good looking, but will warm your heart with sentimentality.

Before you write off that older vehicle as a clunker or old Tin Lizzy, let Sticklers 4 Details take a look and assess what it will take to bring her back. We have european steam cleaning with hot vapor and powerful suction to extract stains and ground-in dirt on the carpets, mats and upholstery; and dressings and affordable protective coatings for protecting leather, glass, fabrics, trim, paint, hard plastics, metals, and rubber.

Even if you will no longer drive her, you can have a lot of fun and get a lot of satisfaction from entering her in car shows - with Sticklers 4 Details behind that shine - you might just take home some blue ribbons!

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