Ceramic Coatings

The history of shine protection

Car lovers and car owners have sought ways to preserve their "new car" shine ever since the first automobile rolled off the assembly line in 1913. In those days, large cities had road improvement projects that “paved” rough-hewn, dusty roads with gravel, brick, seashells, and oiled earth; and rural roads were little more than muddy ruts that became impassable in rainy weather. All of these materials were unforgiving on car paint, but ironically, in today's crowded, industrial environment, your car paint still lives in a brutal environment.

While rich Carnauba waxes and wax sealants have paved the way for better protection, they still have a short life span of just a few weeks.

Ceramic coatings: durable, long-lasting protection

Nothing compares to the longevity, durability, and sustained brilliance of semi-permanent "nano-particle" coatings! Thanks to innovations in aerospace technology, high-end protective coating formulas create a bond with the paint surface that cannot be removed by ordinary means. They will not wash off, wipe off, or wear off under normal circumstances!

Sticklers 4 Details offers several effective, affordable ceramic exterior coatings that provide the most consistent results for automotive paint. The hydrophobic properties in Gtechniq's coatings create a protective shield that forces rain and water to bead up on the surface so it simply blows off or wipes off without leaving streaks and water spots.

Sticklers 4 Details is Northern Colorado's accredited and certified GTechniq installer.


Sticklers 4 Details corrects it and then protects it.

Because protective coatings seal in the beauty of your vehicle's paint surface, all coating applications require a complete exterior paint correction prior to application, to remove any and all imperfections from the surface, including uneven paint, holograms, and fine scratches.

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