The Sticklers Commitment

Sticklers 4 Details is dedicated to helping car and truck owners in Northern Colorado, revive and maintain their automotive investments to as close to ‘like new’ condition as possible.

Sticklers 4 Details is dedicated to helping car and truck owners in Northern Colorado, revive and maintain their automotive investments to as close to ‘like new’ condition as possible. This gives our customers a better probability of getting a higher return on their investment when they get ready to sell or trade their vehicle.

Sticklers 4 Details is also committed to using professional-grade, environmentally safe, and earth-friendly cleaning products, techniques, equipment, and methods so that vehicle owners can preserve their vehicles without having to be concerned about waste water and dangerous chemicals being released into the waterways and external environment.

Since its inception, Sticklers 4 Details has provided some of the largest car dealerships in Fort Collins with certified car detailing services.

Meet Our Professional Car Detailing Services Team

Nicholas "Nick" Vecchio (CD, SV)


Nick Vecchio has been detailing professionally for over 18 years in Fort Collins and northern Colorado. He left his corporate job with the same trucking transportation company his "Pops" worked for, just three months after opening Sticklers 4 Details in 2000.

Ten years ago, Nick got more involved in detailing technology, learned more about advanced products, and realized there expanded services he could now offer retail clients.

Taking Sticklers to a higher level

In 2017, Nick decided to take the company to an advanced level when he attended a 5-day certification program with "The Detailer of Air Force One", Renny Doyle of Detailing Success. Now a certified detailer, automotive paint correction specialist, and ceramic coatings installer, Nick also has a dual certifications (CD SV) from the International Detailing Association (IDA) including a hands-on Skills Validated designation, meaning he is licensed at the highest possible level of professional detailing.

He now offers paint correction, European steam clean, odor and stain removal, and an affordable line of ceramic coatings to owners of all types of vehicles from classic cars, hot rods, and exotics, to everyday economy drives, luxury sedans, and family SUVs and Suburbans.

What does this mean to you as a car or truck owner?

Nick sees your vehicle as a long-term investment to be protected and maintained. It means with every hand wash and dry, Nick inspects and monitors the health of your car paint so he can make recommendations that will correct any flaws, and head off any further damage caused by environmental contaminants, bird droppings, bugs, road debris, and time itself.

Domenic "NIC" Vecchio

Vice-president and Founder

After just six months, Nic Vecchio discovered 55-years-old was simply too young for permanent retirement!

After 33 years with a trucking transportation company, Nic was glad to be out of the corporate whirlwind, but despite his friends saying he was crazy for not just kicking back and taking it easy, Nic was bored.

Now 18 years later, he is still going strong!

Sticklers 4 Details “just happened” 18 years ago, but it was an offshoot of a lifelong interest and fascination with all things mechanized. At night, Nic would find his father out in the garage working on cars, trucks, or as an authorized Evinrude motor technician - boats! When he was young, Nic was his best assistant, handing him tools and holding the lights while he worked. As he grew up, he helped sand, varnish and paint boats, and accompanied him to car and boat shows.

Nic’s love for vehicles came with its requisite “need for speed”, so he satisfied that itch by buying a 1965 Corvette Stingray, a classic he still has today, 30 years later. He was meticulous about keeping it clean and car show-worthy.

Life after retirement gets busy

After retirement, he frequented a longtime friend’s truck lot in Fort Collins where he occasionally helped him paint hot rods. There, his idea for a detailing business was born. His friend had a good relationship with local car dealerships and he agreed to recommend Nic when he could.

Nic rented a building and opened the first Sticklers 4 Details right next door. With tremendous potential for growth, Nick left his corporate job to work with his father.

Focused on the wholesale sector because it guaranteed them cars on a daily business, they picked up new accounts like Dellenbach Chevrolet and Ed Carroll Motor Company. After 18 years, Ed Carroll is still Sticklers 4 Details biggest and most loyal client. A vast amount of their business still comes from referrals and by shear reputation as a knowledgeable, quality detailer.

Now in his mid-70s, Nic oversees the daily administrative roles.

Keith Oveson

Assistant Manager

Keith Ovesen doesn’t recall a time when he wasn’t a part of the automotive industry in Fort Collins. His Dad worked as a Sales Manager for Ed Carroll Motor Company, and Keith grew up hanging out with his Dad at work where he developed an interest in Muscle Cars.

Keith worked in the service department for ten years and knows a lot about the mechanical aspects of the business, but being conscientious about maintaining his own vehicles, he discovered that he much preferred the “busy work” of keeping the vehicles clean and shining, to the slower pace of mechanical services.

Keith moved up to lot manager at Ed Carroll and for several years, enjoyed the challenge of keeping the inventory sparkling! A new car does not automatically look new but requires constant car appearance maintenance and upkeep to maintain a brilliant and sellable shine.

Keith met Nick Vecchio during his tenure as Ed Carroll’s official detailer and joined him at Sticklers 4 Details three years ago. He has grown very interested in learning more about the advanced cleaning techniques, innovative products, and technology behind high-end detailing, ever since Nick returned from Detailing Success Certification Training last fall.

Keith’s business background in car dealerships is a huge asset to Sticklers 4 Details. Be sure and ask for Keith next time you are there. Your automotive appearance needs will be handled quickly and professionally.

Angelo Trujillo

Detailing Technician

Fort Collins native, Angelo Trujillo has worked at Sticklers 4 Details for nearly three years. He is a part-time student at Front Range Community College where he is working towards an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology.

Angelo’s passion for everything automotive began at age 16, working in the detailing department of a Fort Collins car wash. Although he is proficient in detailing and has experience in collision repair, Angelo’s long-term goal is to build engines. He can already break down an engine at an intricate level and performs all the repairs and upgrades to his own vehicle.

Sticklers customers can rest assured their vehicle is in expert hands when Angelo is onsite.

Nick Vecchio is certified by Renny Doyle's Detailing Success, the nation’s foremost Master detailing trainer, also known as the "Detailer of Air Force One".

Nick now holds a certification in detailing business, paint correction, headlight repair, and the application of ceramic coatings. Members of the Detailing Success Network have access to a private forum where they can gain ongoing support, education, and advice from other members of the Network, as well as expertise from senior members of the Detail Mafia.

Nick Vecchio is a certified member (CD) of the IDA, and holds an advanced Skills Validated (SV) and Dealer certification with that professional organization. As a member, Nick and his Sticklers 4 Details Automobile Detailing are held to a higher quality standard than non-certified detailers.

Car owners can be assured that IDA members are tested and certified according to strict industry standards determined by leading industry professionals.

The SV designation means Nick has passed challenging hands-on testing in the field for his abilities. The IDA is active in helping car owners understand the value in professional detailing services and they make it easy for customers to contact an IDA-certified detailer like Nick in your town or city.